The Effects Used Here Are For Demonstration Purposes 

And Are Much Stronger Than Would Normally Be Used

Most Applications Would Be More Subtle



This disclosure relates to a patented invention to reify the presence of energy. [Reify: make something more concrete, real, or perceivable.]

Energy is everywhere, yet generally unperceived. A method to reify energy will be an enhancement to visual media.

The nature, intensity, and flow of energy can be reified with the use of colors, tone, and motion. 

Energy interacts with and influences its environment. This disclosure describes the use of visual effects to communicate the presence, effects, and interactions, of otherwise unseen energy. When these visual effects are used to enhance digital still or motion pictures, they communicate emotions or feelings associated with the presence and flow of energy. The viewer will experience, by a visual language, energy’s previously UN-communicated presence, effects, interactions, and associated emotions.


Reification of energy can even be used in simple applications like SNAP CHAT on a smart phone where a picture can be taken and enhanced in seconds and sent on. You can see a very crude proof o concept at:  just to show proof of concept. This application was written in half a day by one man if persuaded aggressively to add in a much more sophisticated approach and a much more easily applied emotional effects it could open a whole new dimension to individual personal communication applications.   

Reified Energy, in combination with action, dialogue, music, and sound effects, will communicate a full range of emotions and affect an audience as the creator intended.

Commercials often portray a conversion scenario. A skeptical prospect is converted into a buyer. The viewers will identify more effectively with the prospect as they experience the same sequence of reified emotions.

The annual video editing software market is $10 Billion in the USA, and $15 Billion Worldwide. It serves the trillion dollar worldwide Visual Arts Industry. 

The goal of Reification of Energy Project, LLC is to license the patent rights to software developers, which will create the infrastructure to implement this patented technology. 

In addition to entertainment media, reification can be developed in applications to make a significant impact in diagnostic medicine, security, education, and failure analysis. 

NCIHD is currently seeking investor capital to create two videos. The first will present a description of reification and the reification process; the second will be a demonstration of the process in an advertising scenario.

For further information, please contact the inventor, Larry L'Heureux, by email, at

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